Postpartum Doula for the Win!

Postpartum Doula Serving Charlotte NC and surrounding areas Why Even Get A Postpartum Doula ? Early in my doula career, a fellow doula asked me to support one of her postpartum doula clients a few days/shifts for her. This mother’s partner was a truck driver with lots of road hours, she had another teenage child in the home and she had delivered via cesarean. The postpartum doula training covered in my first doula training made Continue Reading

New Year, New V…

A new name but the same excellent service! Why The Change? We have broadened our name to prepare for an expansion of our services. Viumbe has been offering Massage and Birth Doula services since its inception in 2013. Shortly there after we started offering Childbirth Education as well and these options have served clients well. However we are always looking for ways to provide more and more perinatal support. Rather than “single out” two services, Continue Reading

You’re a Doula… Oh, like a Midwife, Right?

I’m a talker, a people person, and I’m a little (really a lotta) in love with pregnant women. This combination finds me in many conversations that eventually present the question… “So, what do you?” When I get to the part of my answer that I say, “I’m a doula” I’m usually interrupted with either “Oh, yeah, so like, a midwife?” or “Oh cool, do you plan to become a midwife?”… Continue Reading