Pregnancy is not always “easy peasy”…

It is, however, always a beautiful gift and one the female body was created to carry. Massage during this time, just as most any time, can offer a host of benefits. There are many specific things it can help with, as you will see below, but the most basic of these is stress relief. The truth is, our bodies are created to rebuild and renew themselves and they best do that in a stress free environment. Whether your stress is “can we afford this baby,” “why is this baby doing planks inside me,” or anything in between massage may be just what you need.

Touch has been used for many years to improve quality of life… during pregnancy is no different. Certified Peri-Natal Massage Therapists have been trained to provide massage safely throughout your entire pregnancy and postpartum period.  If you have any questions about massage during this time we are happy to answer them and help you to make a great, health conscious choice toward a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth. Our goal is to try to get you back on the path to “easy peasy.”  

Massage for Pregnant Women at each stage

Prenatal Massage

Carrying that little bundle of joy naturally puts a strain on mom’s body.  Research has shown that massage for pregnant women strengthens the immune system and decreases blood pressure,  stress hormones and SHORTENS LABOR TIME.   Prenatal massage also helps restore the body in the postpartum phase, enabling you to heal more quickly.  Whether back pain or fatigue ails you, our certified Pregnancy Massage Therapists are ready to help you to relax and feel renewed!

Prenatal Massage Pricing:

  • 60 min/ $85 
  • 90 min/ $110

Labor Enhancing Massage 

The time to birth baby is near and Mom is flooded with hormones and emotions. The anticipation of your little one coming into the world can make things a bit overwhelming as your due date approaches.  Unfortunately, the due date is really a best guess as to babies arrival and nothing more. Rather than dreading going past your due date, let’s give you something else to look forward to. At this massage we will use aroma-therapy and begin stimulating acupressure points that will encourage a most effective labor experience. (Available after 38 wks)

Labor Enhancing Massage Pricing:

  • 90 min/ $110

Postpartum Massage

New family, new life.  Adjusting to the responsibilities of caring for a new baby while your body is trying to return to its pre-pregnancy self brings a whole new set of challenges causing the word stress to take on a whole new meaning.   A massage at this time is an excellent, effective, and holistic tool for making this adjustment.   Postpartum massage helps with abdominal healing, organ replacement, hormone regulation, preventing excess anxiety and postpartum depression, improving sleep, and aiding the body’s overall healing process; all while relaxing mom and reducing stress!

Postpartum Massage Pricing:

  • 90 min/ $110