Childbirth isn’t what it looks like on TV and it doesn’t have to be the way your friend or even your mom describes it.  Your birth is just that… YOURS! Claim it, own it, make it uniquely yours.  Childbirth Education and non-judgmental support are excellent compliments to helping you reach your childbirth goals! The pregnancy and birth doula services we offer will help you do just that. 

Pregnancy Support from Viumbe Wellness

Childbirth Education

Learn all you need to be prepared for your labor and delivery!  Our detailed childbirth education classes are taught by a certified instructor in the “Your Birth Experience” program.

Birth Plan Consultations

Birth planning consultations will give you an opportunity to talk through and plan the details of how your labor and birth experience should go and get your questions answered.

Birth Doula Services

A birth doula offers a variety of services including answering questions, providing pregnancy support and labor coaching to both mom and dad, as well as visiting once baby is born.