Do you really need to take a childbirth education class?

The truth is your baby is going to come whether you take a class about it or not so ‘need’ may be a strong word.  Childbirth education is about gaining confidence in the birth experience.  Taking a class will clear up any gray areas you may have had about birth, it will give you an opportunity to address any fears you may have by asking questions, and it’s a great opportunity for you and your birth partner to begin working together on your goals for birth.  So, while ‘need’ is a strong word, it is strongly recommended by any birthing professional.  We haven’t met one parent yet that felt like this course wasn’t extremely helpful!

Upcoming Childbirth Classes

Your Birth Experience

Live Group Classes hosted Virtually

$200 per couple

                                  Early Birds get $25 off when                                  paid in full 2 weeks prior to class

Your Birth Experience

Private In-Person Class $225 per couple

Early Bird discount when paid in full 2 weeks before class

Private Virtual Class $200 per couple

Get $10 when using a feeless payment option 

 If your schedule won’t allow a group class you can still get the information you need. Let’s find a time that works  and make it happen!  


Also ask about creating your own Private Group Class.       

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This unique childbirth education curriculum is designed to equip expecting parents with non-biased, evidence-based information that will empower them to achieve the birth experience they desire. It’s perfect for both first time parents and refresher parents alike. This concise five to six hour program will help you to uncover the core components to your ideal birth including:


  • prenatal self care for optimal labor and delivery
  • birth plans and communicating with your birth team
  • the complete labor and birth process
  • pain management during labor
  • and so much more


Participants are invited to bring their own personal labor tools (birth ball, rebozo, etc) however all learning material, birth tools, and many additional learning aids are provided. This course will empower you with the unique tools necessary to navigate your birth confidently.