Birth is an experience share by people all over the world and yet each one is different. Listen in as mothers share the stories of their births and be empowered by the strength in their journey.

        Kiana is a first time mother. As with many of us (myself included), for Kiana and Darrell this precious blessing was a suprise. She decided early on that she wanted to get the most from this experience and would do whatever was necessary to make that happen. She truly  curated this journey with care and was kind enough to share it with us. Enjoy!

Welcome back!

In our last episode Kiana shared her birth story with us. In this episode we will talk about her experience…

As active labor was starting

How birth education and information helped

Adjusting to the 1st few days home

Her favorite thing about this birth

The biggest surprise

Something different/unique about this birth

Was there anything she wished she would have done differently

We hope you enjoyed listening to Kiana’s birth story and hope it was reminder that birth is really intense and that mothers are really strong and capable!


What did you connect with most from Kiana’s birth story? Tell us in the video’s comments and stay tuned for the next episode!


This birth was… Love

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