Postpartum Doula

Postpartum is where the party really begins… even though it’s frequently under prepared for. The dream is days full of joy, tiny baby toes, and snuggles. It’s easy to overlook the fact that your body just went through a major transformation and needs time to heal. Your Postpartum Doula will help to create a smooth transition from pregnancy to parenting with focus on your postpartum healing, bonding with, and caring for your baby, and other support when needed.

Postpartum Support

Honoring the postpartum period is so important. Birth is such a “giving” experience. You have to give everything you have in you in order to give birth. In US culture we rush women to have their baby and then rush them to be professional  mothers as if their bodies didn’t just birth a whole human being. We know from years of observing of other cultures (that have fewer postpartum maternal health complications) that the days post birth are best spent healing, bonding with baby, and receiving care. We will do everything we can to help create an environment where you can receive the support you need to allow healing and bonding to flourish.

Every postpartum client receives…

Free Initial Consultation

This meeting allows us to get to know each other and discover exactly how we can best support you. While every mother has just delivered a baby, every mother is still different and so are her postpartum needs. We will discuss the services offered and decide how to customize them for your family.

All the Time You Need

Based on your needs, we will decide exactly how many hours of care will be provided while knowing that extensions can be made at any time. Care is provided in 4 hour minimum blocks of time.

Customized Care

Available care includes support such as… * birth experience processing support * encouraging mother/baby bonding * loving infant care * help with infant feeding (breast or bottle) * ensuring healthy nourishment and hydration * meal planning and preparation help * sibling care * basic household chores * running simple errands *

Essential Healing


Postpartum Healing/Sealing Ceremony

Postpartum Massage or Belly Binding

Restorative Vaginal Steam or Ceremonial Bath

Organic Castor Oil pack with guided instruction for mother’s use


3 Essential Healing sessions  $1100

A Great Start


Finding restoration and balance after birth takes intentional effort and having extra hands dedicated to that task can be the game changer.

An element of the Essential Healing Package of your choice plus

  • Twenty four (24) hours of customized Postpartum Support

Full Focus


We often times miss how important postpartum rest is because of life’s distractions. In this package, take the extra time to slow down and take it all in.

An element of the Essential Healing package of your choice plus…

  • Forty (40) hours of customized Postpartum Support

Let’s get your Postpartum Support started

We want to support you and your family through your postpartum recovery. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation to ensure your postpartum period is just as supported as your pregnancy and birth.

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