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Doula Mentorship Program

Doulas find their calling every day. Some jump into the journey feet first and some take years to find their way.  No matter your speed, walking this path with support and information, essentially being doula’d, makes for a better journey. In true doula fashion, we recognize that every doula is different, the way they support clients will be different, and supporting doulas as they establish their businesses will create a better birth world, a better world in general.

So you’ve taken birth doula training… Now What??? 

  • Most doula trainings focus on signs of labor, what physiological birth looks like, and the many ways to provide support from the doula’s perspective. That alone is a lot to cover.

Are you wondering how to start and run a business now? 

  • Often times after training we feel so full of birth and birth support knowledge… we feel ready to go! But then we look up and realize we don’t know where to start.

Are you concerned about confidently supporting your clients? 

  • You must be a human… that’s understandable. Learning gives us knowledge like experience gives us confidence. The more we see, hear, and do the more confidence is built.

Do you want guidance and support from seasoned doulas? 

  • We are not meant to do life alone and shadowing, insight, and experience shared by others, in this situation other doulas, make the journey smoother and the task more achievable.

Our six-month mentorship program supports you in becoming an assured, compassionate, and business-savvy birth worker. Our unique program is designed to support you at any stage in your journey. Our program helps you gain the necessary skills to be able to effectively support your clients. We encourage all doulas interested in expanding their birth community, attracting more clients, and enriching their knowledge base to join our program.

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