Congratulations, you’re expecting! Now what?!?

Parenting really begins as soon as your miracle of life begins growing. Life is one series of difficult choices after another and you must now begin making choices for another human being.  It’s time to begin educating yourself on the labor process, what you want and what your options are.  You probably have tons of birth plan questions and it’s not always easy to know who to turn to to get the answers you need to make good decisions about your labor.  If you don’t create your birth plan, unfortunately these critical choices will be made for you whether you make them or not.

During a birth plan consultation you will:

  • Find out who you are and what things govern your decision making

  • Identify your communication style and how it will play a role in your plan for birth

  • Discover the many childbirth options that exist for you as you give birth in our area

  • Answer any questions you may have with evidence based, non-judgmental, pros and cons so that you can make the informed choices that are best for you

Let’s sit down and take some time to put this all together. We won’t create your Birth Plan for you, we’ll give you information and tools to confidently create your own. (A guide booklet is included) After this session you will be fully informed, confident in your own choices and able to communicate your desires for this birth with your birth team. More importantly, you will walk away knowing that you are ready to take parenting by the horns like a true professional!

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