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Please help me welcome Ashley Gonzalez,  DONA trained Doula, to the Viumbe family! She will be supporting clients  in communities from Columbia to Charleston and surrounding areas.

My name is Ashley Gonzalez. I am a 35-year-old mother of two amazing children and life long hard worker. Somewhere down the line I realized that hard work is great, but it’s not fulfilling my spirit or the spirit of my loved ones.

Even though my pregnancies resulted in what would have been classified as the “perfect” textbook births, they really weren’t. I had a lot of intervention, I was young, I was under a lot of stress, and I felt like even though I was in a room full of people noone heard me or cared about what I was experiencing. As I spoke to more and more mothers it seemed as if we all had similar experiences. Giving birth seemed to be more routine than a miracle that was happening in real time.

So, I made a conscience decision to support future expecting mothers fully experience the most powerful and joyful moments in their lives. While completing my doula training I identified some of the unnecessary experiences I had during my own pregnancies and deliveries and I decided if I was able to improve that experience for even one person then I’d done what I was meant to do. It was this AH HA moment that made me realize this is where I was supposed to be, and what I was meant to do to fulfil that need to want to do more in life.

When thinking about what we need, we have to remember that each woman is
different, but has the same needs…….. kindness, gentleness and support through our most precious moments.

Time to Celebrate

Growing families make us giddy. When your family grows we celebrate! Now our family is growing so come celebrate!

Confirm your doula services through the month of August, 2020 (for any birth month) to

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While she has complete support from other Viumbe Doulas, take this time to benefit from Ashley’s personal and professional knowledge or birth and passion to help!

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