The  Mission

To help restore your mind, body, and spirit and enable you to better do what you were created to do through massage therapy and doula services.

The  Vision

We believe our bodies are designed to experience comfort, to heal and to birth when there is balance, alignment and when our needs are met. We connect intuitively and fully hear our clients concerns so that we understand their unique goals. That allows us to provide the missing piece they need, be it knowledge, preparation, or hands-on support, to achieve comfort and the birth experience they desire.

Our Name

As the dream to support women began to become a reality, our owner pondered a name and, to her, names are important. She asked herself, “Why are we doing this? What do we really want to accomplish here?” She wholeheartedly believed that this is what she was created for and that anyone joining her in this vision would feel the same.  No matter what season of creation you’re in, if you are stressed and/or in pain you will not be able to give your passion 100%. So the name Viumbe, pronounced (vee-OOM- bay), was chosen because it means Creation in Swahili.


How We Help

Massage & Bodywork

In order to support women (and others) during many times of life, we need to also nurture and help them to relax and heal properly.  Our bodies are amazingly made to heal themselves and Viumbe offers a number of services that are excellent compliments to what happens naturally:

Birth Support Services

Many women desire more support and guidance during pregnancy and childbirth.  Our goal is to support as many moms as we can during their birthing journey, and to create an environment where they feel safe, confident and comfortable in their pursuit of a beautiful birth experience.  In order to achieve this, we offer many services including:

Meet the Owner – Tashona Winslow

Tashona was born in sunny Florida but had the pleasure of being raised in the wonderful state of North Carolina. While married to her wonderful husband of nearly 20 years, she has been blessed with three beautiful children and an opportunity to pursue her passion.

She received her degree in Business, and knew that she wanted to use her skills to specialize in women’s health and wellness.  As a mother herself, she has been through the “amazing and transformative experiences that are pregnancy and childbirth. I believe that taking part in the unique journey that women’s bodies were created to travel is truly beautiful, and is something to be revered by all.”

Outside of work, Tashona enjoys creating lifelong memories with family and friends, attempting all types of DIY crafts and projects (and sometimes actually completing them), fine tuning her green thumb, and learning from and sharing with other women.