What is a doula?

As your doula, we provide you and your partner with informational, emotional, and physical support during your pregnancy and childbirth. There are many outlooks or ideals on what a doula’s childbirth philosophy is. Our feeling is that this is YOUR birth. It’s our goal to help you achieve the birth you want by listening to your concerns and catering care and support to what will best help you achieve it.

Why should you consider hiring a birth doula?

The presence of a doula at birth has been proven to decrease the need for pain medicine during labor, decreases the occurrences of cesarean delivery, improve the parents’ overall feelings about their birth experience, and so much more.  The support each mother needs will be different  so the support provided is always unique to you.

We know that how women experience their birth has such a rippling impact on our world and if we can help improve our world by serving women during birth, we’re all in! While every client’s care is customized some things will not change.

Every doula client receives:

Initial Consultation

This meeting allows us to get to know each other and discover exactly how we can best support you.  Every mother is different so her needs during birth and the care provided will be different for each mother as well. We will also thoroughly review the package options, the application and the agreement so that we can answer any questions you may have.

On-Call Time

We go “on-call” 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date and we’ll be available to be with you as active labor begins. We only accept 1-2 doula clients per month, to ensure specialty care and practically eliminate the chances of us missing your birth.

Continuous Labor And Birth Support

Your trained doula will stay with you to support you and dad, throughout the birthing process.  We labor with you at the birth space you choose as active labor begins offering variety of pain management and emotional support tools.  We will also stay with you for a while after your little one arrives and can assist with initial breastfeeding, if desired.

Doula Pricing & Packages

Check Out These Package Options. One Is Sure To Be A Perfect Fit To Help You Achieve Your Ideal Birth Experience!

Standard Doula Package

  •                              1 Prenatal Visit                                         with  Birth Plan Consultation              (ideally between 30 – 38 wks)
  • Labor & Delivery Support
  •                          1 Postpartum Visit                             (2-7 days after baby is at home)
  • *available for subsequent births or families that have already taken a childbirth education class*

The Informed Birther Package

  • Standard Package PLUS…
  •                   “Your Birth Experience”                 Child Birth Education Class
  • Escort to (1) Care Provider Prenatal Visit
  • Birth Timeline

Self Care Package

  • Standard Package PLUS…
  •             (2) Massages for Mom                        (ideally (1) pre-labor massage and                (1) postpostpartum massage)
  • Infant Massage Instruction
  • Postpartum Self-Care Kit

I'm Ready for My Consultation!

Additional Special Pricing and Services for Doula Clients:

Mother/Baby Bundle: $150
(1) 60 min Prenatal Massage
(1) 60 min In-home Postpartum
Massage, Infant Massage Instruction

Prenatal Massage Bundle:
(3) 60 min massages for $180
(3) 90 min massages for $240

Encapsulation & Massage Bundle: $250
Placenta Encapsulation
(1) Postpartum Massage

Mini Photo Session: $75
30 min for Maternity or Newborn